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MDMA/Ecstasy is classified as a Class A controlled substance, making it unlawful to purchase or distribute. If you are detected, you might face a 7-year term for possession, a life sentence for supply, and an unlimited fine, or both.
MDMA influences the hormonal activity of at least three neurotransmitters in the brain: serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. Serotonin intake from MDMA has a major impact on mood, sleep, hunger, and emotional health and wellbeing.

MDMA has also carved out a significant presence on the darknet, which can be accessed with dedicated TOR browsers and paid for with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. According to darknet market research from 2015, MDMA was the third most common substance acquired on the darknet (after cannabis and medicines), accounting for 25% of all drug sales. In the 2019 Global Drug Survey, 67 percent of respondents who said they got MDMA through the darknet said it was easier than getting any other drug. This is up from 48.7% in 2015, when it was likewise the highest percentage of any other medicine.

Tablets come in a variety of volumes and strengths; some are medication blends or could be counterfeit. You can’t be sure what’s in a pill or powder no matter what it looks like or what it’s called, and you can’t forecast how you’ll react.
After using ecstasy, users may feel exhausted and depressed, requiring extended periods of sleep to recover. This is known as a comedown and can last up to three or four days.
Depression, befuddlement, anxiety, and desires
Agitation, Insomnia, paranoia Fatigue, difficulty concentrating, loss of appetite, memory issues, and changes in self-perception are all symptoms of depression.
Paranoia and anxiety Hallucinations,
Restlessness or agitation, extremely high blood pressure, chest pain, quick breathing, irregular or fast heartbeat, hyperthermia (a severe overheating of the body), fainting spells, loss of consciousness, and seizures are all symptoms of hyperthermia.
Taking ecstasy with other drugs, such as over-the-counter or prescribed pharmaceuticals, can have unpredictable and deadly consequences.

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