CAS: 9832231-827-01

Formula: C14H21NO

Molecular weight: 219.330

Compound purity: > 99.7%

Appearance: Crystals

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NDH or Ethyl hexedrone can be a structural analogue in the substituted cathinone hexedrone. The substitution in the nitrogen by getting an ethyl group increases the effectiveness of ethyl hexedrone having a factor of three in comparison with its chemical relation hexedrone.
Ethyl hexedrone is the one other part of the large number of compounds known as substituted cathinones. It’s going by alternative names “hexen” and “n-ethyl-hexedrone”. The structural signature in the substituted cathinone kind of compounds can be a phenethylamine backbone by getting an alkyl quantity of various lengths within the alpha carbon near the nitrogen plus a ketone inside the beta position. The cathinones certainly are a beta-keto analogue of amphetamines.
It’s hypothesised that ethyl hexedrone can be a noradrenaline-dopamine reuptake inhinitor like the cathinones MDVP and alpha PVP. There isn’t any research confirming its status just like a noradrenaline dopamine reuptake inhibitor.
It had been initially synthesized inside the 1960s by Boehringer Ingelheim, only increased to get broadly known as “research chemical” by 2015. It suffices to condition then that little information exists relating to this compound together with your a short good status for human use.
You can compare ethyl hexedrone for the much more broadly known cathinone pentedrone. Ethyl Hexedrone features additional time in the carbon chain extending within the aryl group by one carbon. Inside the structure-activity from the class lengthening in the alkyl chain from 5 to 6 generally results in a diminishment in potency. Nonetheless, the substitution from the ethyl group within the amine increases potency.
As pointed out there aren’t any formal studies round the medicinal action on ethyl hexedrone. A hypothetical conjecture is always that ethyl-hexedrone functions becoming an NDRI (noradrenaline-dopamine reuptake inhibitor) purely based on its structural being similar to pentedrone and MDPV. Ethyl hexedrone gets the formal and systematic IUPAC name 2-(Ethylamino)-1-phenylhexan-1-one. It provides a relative molar mass of 219.33 grams plus an empirical formula of C14H21NO.
NDRIs block the reuptake of dopamine and noradrenaline released towards the synaptic cleft. These neurotransmitters subsequently spend a longer time within the receptor growing their effect. Dopamine particularly can be a potent endogenous reward chemical released after exercise and sex. This gives potent NDRIs strong stimulatory effects and a chance of inducing states of pleasure.
Ethyl hexedrone is not fit for animals or individuals to drink. Purely subjective and unverifiable online reports report that this compound features a stimulatory profile of effects. Physical outcomes of ethyl hexedrone which have been reported include pleasurable body tingling sensations, elevated stamina, xerostomia, sweating, contamination, vasoconstriction, enhancement of touch, elevated heartbeat, decreased appetite, elevated focus, difficulty maintaining an erection, elevated bloodstream pressure, and teeth grinding much like MDMA.
Cognitive effects that have been reported online include feelings of pleasure, elevated motivation, an elevated appreciation of music, greater immersion in activities, acceleration of ideas, elevated analytic abilities at low doses and inflation in the ego. It has been reported as creating a compulsion to redose.
Negative effects are actually reported for instance sleeplessness, insufficient motivation, irritability, depressed mental states, difficulty thinking, and anxiety. All stimulants provide the capacity to induce psychosis if used over protracted intervals or at high doses. )

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