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Molecular Formula: C13H17NO3 • HCl

Formula Weight: 271.7

Purity: ≥98%

Formulation: A neat solid

InChi Code: InChI=1S/C13H17NO3.ClH/c1-3-10(14-4-2)13(15)9-5-6-11-12(7-9)17-8-16-11;/h5-7,10,14H,3-4,8H2,1-2H3;1H



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Buy Eutylone is a novel research chemical that has a full chemical name of β-Keto-1,3-benzodioxolyl-N-ethylbutanamine. It is an energizing, euphoric, and psychedelic stimulant that is considered to be very similar to MDMA (ecstasy).  This chemical is a part of the cathinone class. It is very similar to Ethylone. Eutylone is a very good addition to any chemical research laboratory. Wear your safety goggle when experimenting with eutylone for the protection of eutylone experience .

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Eutylone can be found for sale here at When you purchase eutylone, it is important to understand the effects that it can have so that you can use it safely and responsibly.


  • Product Name: EUTYLONE
  • IUPAC Name: β-Keto-1,3-benzodioxolyl-N-ethylbutanamine
  • Other Names: eutylone hydrochloride
  • Cas Number: 17764-18-0
  • Molecular Formula: C13H17NO3
  • Appearance: Crystalline solid and powder
  • Application: Research purposes


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