Procurement Outsourcing

With industry leading strategic sourcing, transactions management capabilities and proprietary SCM tools, Research Chemical Vendor USA is able to help you implement agile sourcing while minimizing supply risk, and impact of price volatility

Extensive supplier network, one point of contact

Research Chemical Vendor USA maintains one of the most extensive supplier networks in China and India with over 15,000 verified labs and manufacturers. Partnering with Research Chemical Vendor USA means that you could access this network with one single point of contact, removing communication barriers and the need for resources to maintain supplier relationships.

Reliable supplier assessment

Research Chemical Vendor USA is able to provide full-dimensional evaluations of supplier capabilities, from financial health to performance, diversity and sustainability ratings. Our supply chain management team constantly conducts original research specific to your requirements. Whether you’re looking for new suppliers or are seeking in-depth, multi-criteria assessments of your existing suppliers, Research Chemical Vendor USA is prepared to help.

More efficient budget allocation with consolidated shipping

More of the budget should be spent on the product itself than its shipping cost. By partnering with Research Chemical Vendor USA, your orders could be holistically planned in advance and be consolidated with other consignments. Saving shipping costs in the short run allows you to allocate more budget to things that really matter.

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