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MDAI is a novel psychoactive drug (NPS) with structural similarities to MDA and MDMA, as well as some behavioral characteristics.
Chemical name: 5,6 methylenedioxy-2-aminoindane.
Classification: Empathogen.
Street/brand names: Sparkle, Mindy, MDAI Gold.
MDAI is available as a powder, pill, or pellet, and has also been used in branded products (see below). MDAI is available in three different colors: white, tan, and MDAI Gold, which is a fluffy, somewhat crystalline powder with a more’sparkly’ appearance. Many users claimed that it was of higher quality than its predecessors, prompting conjecture on user forums about whether it was chemically different from past formulations.

Users frequently re-dose since the effects of MDAI can be mild at lower dosages, but they are significantly greater when taken in larger amounts (above 300mg). While MDAI might cause euphoria, its lack of stimulant qualities can cause users to feel tired. MDAI is frequently used with stimulant drugs to produce an effect comparable to MDMA or cathionones like mephedrone or methylone. This combination may increase the risk of redosing.

Because MDAI is such a novel molecule, little is known about its long-term consequences. MDAI does not cause neurotoxicity alone, according to rat studies, but it does contribute to toxicity when paired with dopamine-releasing drugs. Because most assumptions concerning MDAI’s toxicity are based on in vitro and animal studies, it’s uncertain whether recreational levels in people might cause neurotoxicity. However, one human case study reveals multi-organ failure after ingesting 5 grams of MDAI1.
All medications have the potential to cause harm, and some of these can be quite significant, if not fatal. Because there is a severe dearth of knowledge about MDAI’s dosage, acute toxicity, and harm, harm reduction measures are not always obvious.

Methylenedioxy-2-aminoindane (MDAI) was first synthesized in the 1990s at Purdue University by David E. Nichols, an American pharmacologist and medicinal chemist. It usually takes the form of a tan-colored, crystalline powder.
MDAI is generated from the substance -3, 4-methylenedioxyamphetamine (MDA); the sole variation between the two is a single structural change. When comparing MDAI with MDA, however, significant pharmacological differences are evident due to this structural shift occurring in the area responsible for typical amphetamine-like responses.

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