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LSD experiences are heavily influenced by environment.
Here are some ways to reduce the risk having a bad trip:
Make sure you take it with someone you know and trust, preferably someone who knows how strong the effects of a hallucinogen can be.
Make sure you are somewhere where you feel safe, secure and comfortable.
Avoid taking LSD if you are upset, feeling low or insecure–this could lead to a bad trip.
Avoid taking more. The effects come on stronger after a while, and you could end up having a much stronger trip than you can handle.
If you’re having a bad time, avoid flashing lights and visuals and get a friend to take you to a safe, calm space.
LSD does not produce compulsive drug-seeking behavior. Addiction to hallucinogens is rare, although poly-drug addicts (people who are addicted to several drugs) frequently abuse hallucinogens as well. Because LSD users develop extreme tolerance to LSD rapidly, the drug cannot be abused for more than a few consecutive days, preventing the kind of physical and psychological dependence associated with other drugs. This tolerance usually goes away after a week or so of abstinence from the drug.
Yes, LSD is illegal and its possession, use, and sale carry heavy prison sentences and fines and disciplinary consequences at UCSC.

Product Categories
Short DescriptionLSD, 25 ug/mL

• Storage Condititions: Freeze
Volume1 mL/ampule
Item ClassHallucinogens
Concentration25 ug/mL
Storage CondititionsFreeze
Molecular Weight323.44
Cas Number50-37-3

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