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AAB-FUBINACA is a designer medicine that works as a strong cannabinoid receptor agonist. Pfizer developed it as an analgesic drug in 2009, but it was never pursued for human usage.
Formula: C20H21FN4O2 Cas No: 1185282-01-2
AB-FUBINACA is a medicine that acts as a cannabinoid receptor agonist. Furthermore, with Ki values of 0.9 nM at CB1 and 23.2 nM at CB2, and EC50 values of 1.8 nM at CB1 and 3.2 nM at CB2,
FUBINACA (N-[(1S)- 1-(Aminocarbonyl)- 2-methylpropyl]) is a stomach muscle.
To achieve a quick start of impacts and quick counterbalance, -1-[. (4-flinoids usually smoke or disintegrate. When broken up in a lipid, however, abdominal muscle FUBINACA is orally dynamic, which can fundamentally build the term.

For sale is an ab fubinaca. AB-FUBINACA is a chemical molecule that was only recently developed and can undoubtedly serve as a normal replacement for various types of natural cannabis. Normal cannabis, on the other hand, is prohibited in a number of countries around the world. AB-FUBINACA, on the other hand, is legal to possess and is thus employed as a synthetic designer drug nowadays. It is known to be incredibly potent, and it is increasingly being used by persons who like designer medicines. AB-FUBINACA has not been found to have the same side effects as other medications. In case you didn’t know, AB-FUBINACA is a kind of cannabinoid.

The chemical was discovered for the first time in 2012 by some Japanese researchers. When you buy this chemical online, you should opt for an online website which has its reputation and is known to deliver quality products only. buy ab fubinaca

For sale is an ab fubinaca. When it comes to chemical substances, AB-FUBINACA belongs to the cannabis family. This drug has the same properties as cannabis. However, due of its high purity, AB-FUBINACA works exceptionally well, and its effects are substantially magnified. Because of AB-great FUBINACA’s purity, it is recommended that users take it in very modest doses. The dosage of this medicine should be kept to a few milligrams at most. If you take 20 milligrams or more, keep in mind that you will experience aural sensations as well as strong visuals.

The toxicity and long-term health implications of recreational Buy AB-FUBINACA Online use appear to have escaped scientific scrutiny, and the exact hazardous dosage is unclear. This is due to the fact that Buy AB-FUBINACA Online has a limited history of human use. Anecdotal information from community members who have taken AB-FUBINACA suggests that there are no negative health consequences associated with simply trying this medicine at low to moderate doses and rarely utilizing it (but nothing can be completely guaranteed). Overdosing causes physical discomfort such as heart palpitations, vertigo, and sedation at considerably lower than harmful doses, frequently leading the user to experience severe anxiety or fall asleep.

It’s worth noting that the use of this substance has been related to a number of hospitalizations and deaths.
Due to the way these chemicals dramatically boost one’s current state of mind and emotions, it is often recommended that persons with severe pre-existing mental problems do not use them. Prolonged use of synthetic cannabinoids, like THC, may raise one’s risk of mental disease and psychosis, especially in vulnerable persons with psychotic illness risk factors (like a past or family history of schizophrenia).

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