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5-fluoro PB-22 (Item No. 14095) is a synthetic cannabis that functions as an analytical reference substance (CB). It’s a complete agonist for the CB1 and CB2 receptors in humans (pEC50s = 8.55 and 7.97, respectively). In rats, 12 5-fluoro PB-22 produces hypothermia and lowers heart rate in a dose-dependent manner, mirroring the in vivo effects of?9-THC (Item Nos. 12068 | ISO6157). 1 This product is designed for forensic and research purposes.

Buy 5F-PB-22 online from a reputable European chemical company with a purity guarantee of at least 98 percent. We can give a certificate of analysis for any batch of our research compounds!
5F-active PB-22’s ingredients
Per order unit, one gram of min 98 percent + pure 5F-PB-22 is included.
5F-PB-22 administration
Because 5F-PB-22 is not for human consumption and is only offered as a research chemical for research purposes, there is no recommended dose.
The therapeutic effects of most new designer medicines, including 5F-PB-22, can be classified as hallucinogenic, stimulant, or opioid-like. Due to designer side-chain alterations, they may have a combination of these properties.
5F-PB-22 side effects
5F-PB-22, like other designer pharmaceuticals, can have serious negative effects; the compound has never been professionally evaluated or licensed as a food product! As a result, 5F-PB-22 is only for scientific research and not for human consumption!
5F-PB-22 Storage Instructions
5F-PB-22 should be kept below 30 degrees Celsius. Protect 5F-PB-22 from direct sunlight and moisture by keeping it in its original packaging.

5F-PB-22 is a complete agonist, binding to CB1 and CB2 receptors with a binding affinity of 0.468 nM and 0.633 nM, respectively.
Chemical and physical data
Formula: C23H21FN2O2
Molar mass: 376.431 g·mol?1
Technical Information
Formal Name1-(5-fluoropentyl)-8-quinolinyl ester-1H-indole-3-carboxylic acid
Molecular FormulaC23H21FN2O2
Formula Weight376.4

FormulationA neat solid
InChi CodeInChI=1S/C23H21FN2O2/c24-13-4-1-5-15-26-16-19(18-10-2-3-11-20(18)26)23(27)28-21-12-6-8-17-9-7-14-25-22(17)21/h2-3,6-12,14,16H,1,4-5,13,15H2
WARNING This product is not for human or veterinary use.
Shipping & Storage Information
Storage: -20°C
Shipping: Room Temperature in continental US; may vary elsewhere
Stability: ? 3 years
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