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Mephedrone is a stimulant substance that belongs to the cathinones chemical class of medicines. Cathinones are a class of drugs closely related to amphetamines such as speed and ecstasy.
4-methyl methcathinone (4-MMC) or 4-methyl ephedrone is a synthetic stimulant substance belonging to the amphetamine and cathinone classes. Drone, M-CAT, White Magic, and meow meow are some slang terms. Chemically, mephedrone (4-MMC) is comparable to the cathinone chemicals found in the eastern African khat plant.
Mephedrone, popularly known as M-CAT or Meow Meow, is a synthetic empathogenic stimulant of the cathinone class with the molecular name 4-methylmethcathinone.

Recreational users are increasingly turning to the new cathinone compound 4-methylmethcathinone (4-MMC; mephedrone). Users describe both entactogen-like and traditional stimulant-like subjective qualities, despite the lack of scientific evidence. Intranasal 4-MMC improved psychomotor speed in humans in a recent study, indicating traditional stimulant characteristics. The user group’s limitations (which were impaired on several tasks) necessitate a controlled laboratory evaluation.
It comes in the form of tablets or powder that users can ingest, snort, or inject, and it has effects that are similar to MDMA, amphetamines, and cocaine.
Product Name: Mephedrone
Cas No: 1189805-46-6
Formula: C11H15NO
Appearance: White powder
Purity: above 98.5%

A short-acting euphoric stimulant that was designed as an MDMA mimic and was very popular in the research chemical scene before being banned. Street markets are common, but online shopping is uncommon. The desire to redose obsessively is really strong.
ALSO KNOWN AS ,4MMC, Bounce, Bubbles, Charge, Drone, M-cat, M-smack, Magic, MC, Mcat, MDPV, Meow Meow, Meph, Methedrone, Methylone, Miaow, Miaow Miaow, Plant Food, White Magic .
Mephedrone is a stimulant substance that belongs to the ‘cathinones’ chemical family of medicines. Cathinones are a class of drugs closely related to amphetamines such as speed and ecstasy.
It was first advertised as a “legal” alternative to narcotics like speed, ecstasy, and cocaine on the internet. To get around the legislation, sellers labeled mephedrone as plant food, research chemicals, or bath salts, all of which were not intended for human use. In 2010, mephedrone was declared illegal.

Mephedrone and MCAT are cathinone compounds that come in capsules and powders, and are sometimes blended with other cathinones and caffeine. Mephedrone comes in fine white, off-white, or yellowish powder form.
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