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Mephedrone is commonly compared to a combination of speed, ecstasy, and cocaine.
Mephedrone can make you feel alert, confident, talkative, euphoric, very affectionate toward the people around you, full of energy, and sexually stimulated.
It can also make you feel worried, upset, and as if your heart is racing or not beating properly (heart palpitations), very hot, need to poo a lot, dizzy, grind your teeth (gurn), and sweat.

Mephedrone is known to make people talkative, self-assured, energetic, eager to dance, and friendly toward those around them (a condition known as ‘loved up’).
Mephedrone users can be overconfident, uneasy, jittery, and irritated.
Yes, mephedrone can lead to addiction.
Some users have reported developing a significant psychological dependence on the substance, which can lead to increased dosages.
Users report that it can be addictive, and that once they start a mephedrone session, they find it impossible to quit until they’ve used up all of their supply.

Taking mephedrone comes with consequences, and as more accounts emerge, the risks and long-term repercussions become obvious.
We know the following:
In the United Kingdom, mephedrone users cause many deaths each year.
Because mephedrone affects the heart and circulation, some users have complained of blue or cold fingers.
Short-term effects of mephedrone have been linked to hospitalization.
After snorting mephedrone, several users experienced significant nosebleeds.
It may overstimulate your heart and circulatory system, causing damage.

It has the potential to overstimulate your neurological system, resulting in hallucinations, anxiety, and even fits.
When other amphetamine-type drugs, such as ecstasy, are used with mephedrone, overheating is a common cause of death.
Injecting mephedrone is especially harmful for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it’s easier to overdose while injecting.
The length of time the effects persist and the drug stays in your system is determined by how much you’ve taken, your size, and any other medications you’ve taken.
After using mephedrone, it can take a long time to fall asleep. Some people claim to have insomnia for several days after using the product.

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